Lost In Play

Happy Juice Games + Joystick Ventures
Half Giant joined forces with Happy Juice to create a captivating trailer for their game, Lost In Play. 

Our trailer highlights the adventurous nature of the game and showcases its quirky characters. Initially, the concept involved a transition from live-action to in-game footage, symbolising the characters "waking up" from their imaginative world. However, we opted for a more literal approach, where the in-game characters awaken, seamlessly transitioning into captivating game capture footage.
"I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful trailer you created, we really like it and the responses have been good so far."
- Oren Rubin - Happy Juice Games
The Team
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Bill Northcott
Character Layout
Bill Northcott, Khion Yohann, Samuel Read
Background Layout
Jackie Nyugen
Background Final
Amy Staple, Jackie Nyugen
Bill Northcott, Khion Yohann
Cleanup Animation
Jed Summers, Linh Duong
FX Animation
Julien Pingault
David Smith
More Work