Cult of the Lamb

Massive Monster + Devolver Digital
Building upon the success of the Cult of the Lamb announcement trailer, Half Giant was entrusted by Devolver Digital to create three more captivating trailers. The second of which was to announce the highly anticipated release date of the game.

With its compelling blend of roguelike dungeon exploration and town building mechanics, Cult of the Lamb offers a unique gaming experience. Having previously highlighted the game's combat and rituals, our focus for this trailer shifted to showcasing the charming inhabitants of The Cult. We followed the captivating journey of a single devoted follower, offering a glimpse into their first encounter with The Lamb.
"Our team did a series of 4 trailers for Cult of the Lamb with Half Giant and with each one they blew us away and raised the bar for what came next"
- Nigel Lowrie - Devolver Digital
The Team
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Bill Northcott, Sofia Zorska
Character Layout
Bill Northcott, Khion Yohann
Jackie Nguyen
Bill Northcott, Khion Yohann, Logan Niblock, Tom Murray
FX Animation
Julien Pingault
Cleanup Animation
Alice Lam, Linh Duong
David Smith
Music and Sound
Narayana Johnson
More Work