Rogue Legacy 2

Cellar Door Games
Half Giant, were tasked with creating a captivating Release Date Trailer and an unforgettable Ending Cinematic for Rogue Legacy 2. Working closely with the Cellar Door Team, we presented two concepts. The first idea was a fast-paced montage, showcasing the die-and-retry mechanics of the roguelike, featuring all the character classes as they valiantly battle through challenging levels. The second concept took a more abstract approach, with a ranger character gaining insights from the past attempts of their ancestors, adding a unique twist to the game's mechanics.

In addition to the trailer, Half Giant collaborated closely with the Cellar Door team to bring the game's climactic ending to life. Unfortunately, we can't reveal this here, leaving it as a thrilling surprise for players to experience firsthand in the game.
"Working with Half Giant has been an absolute pleasure. They did more than just give us amazing animations.. They gave us valuable insight which made the whole ending to Rogue Legacy 2 better."
- Kenny Lee and Teddy Lee - Cellar Door Games
The Team
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Peter Yong
Concept Art
Jason Pamment
Character Layout Lead
Samuel Read
Character Layout
Bill Northcott, Declan Luke
Background Layout
Jarrod Prince
Background Final
Amy Staple, Avery Park
Bill Northcott, Khion Yohann, Logan Niblock, Tom Murray
Cleanup Animation
Alice Lam, Linh Duong
FX Animation
Julien Pingault
David Smith
More Work