Go Go Town

Prideful Sloth + Cult Games
Collaborating once again with Prideful Sloth, Half Giant introduces the Co-Op mode to Go Go Town in a delightful and engaging trailer.

Handling both animation and game capture, the trailer follows the Mayor character as she leaves town for supplies, only to find chaos upon her return. Calling for help from a 2nd player, the duo struggles to keep up with the town's needs. The Mayor then brings in three friends, leading to a fun-filled adventure.
The Team
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Art Direction
Amy Staple, Jansel Rubiano
Mel Shin
Amy Staple, Jansel Rubiano
Character Design
Terry Trinh
Character Layout
Bill Northcott, Jed Summers, Terry Trinh
Bill Northcott, Eric Terlato, Jed Summers, Linh Duong
Cleanup Animation
Eric Terlato, Jed Summers, Linh Duong, Terry Trinh
FX Animation
Eric Terlato
Bill Northcott, David Smith
David Smith
David Smith
More Work