Risk of Rain - Hostile Worlds

Half Giant were eager to collaborate with Gearbox on the newest addition to the 'Risk of Rain' series, Risk of Rain - Hostile Worlds.

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds seamlessly merges the beloved roguelike franchise with dynamic run-and-gun combat, creating an unparalleled ARPG shooter experience.

Our task was to reintroduce the game with a fresh animation style not seen in previous franchise entries. We aimed to feature both familiar characters for existing fans and introduce new ones, while highlighting one of Hostile Worlds' unique mechanics—the ability to switch between three different playable Survivors mid-battle. This was artfully portrayed by depicting each Survivor on the brink of defeat, only to skillfully swap to a better-equipped Survivor to face specific enemies or obstacles.

Given that Hostile Worlds is a mobile game, with the primary audience likely viewing the trailer on their phones, we optimized the animation for portrait orientation to ensure the best viewing experience.
The Team
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Art Direction
Amy Staple
Melanie Shin
Character Design
Jansel Rubiano
Amy Staple, Jansel Rubiano
Character Layout
Emil 'Gisela' Lopez, Jansel Rubiano, Jed Summers
Bill Northcott, Darcy Woodbridge
Cleanup Animation
Isabella Buckley, Joel Wise, Kym Checa, Linh Duong, Marc Jaarlz
FX Animation
Ali Shakir
David Smith
Sound Design
David Smith
More Work