Streets of Rogue 2

Matt Dabrowski
Half Giant were pleased to be asked to create the trailer for Matt Dabrowski and tinyBuild’s latest game, Streets of Rogue 2. 

Streets of Rogue 2 is a crazy, immersive RPG sandbox set in a vast open world. Players fight, sneak, hack, farm, build, steal, or talk their way to power as they try to topple a corrupt president in countless possible ways – solo or with friends. It was our task to explain this in a fun way, maintaining the humour that the game is famous for.

We teamed up with the talented Studio Showoff on animation who did an incredible job bringing it to life.
Half Giant Team
Directors / Producers
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Art Direction
Amy Staple
Melanie Shin
Amy Staple
Key Art
Amy Staple, Terry Trinh
Sound / Foley / Mixing
Umbrella Sound Studios
Studio Showoff Team
Animation Direction
Sean Zwan
Nick Campbell
Character Design
Sean Zwan
Initial Character Concepts
Patrick Crawley
Character Turnarounds
Sean Zwan, Ella Moffat, Charlotte Bird-Weber
Character Layout
Ella Moffatt, Charlotte Bird-Weber, Ivan Dixon, Sean Zwan
Animation Supervision
Darcy Woodridge
Charlotte Bird-Weber, Ella Moffatt, Sean Zwan, Debrina Setiawan, Harriet Tan, Ivan Dixon
2D Effects and Compositing
Sean Zwan
Nick Campbell
Executive Producer for Studio Showoff
Ivan Dixon, Sean Zwan
More Work