Badlands Crew

Runner Duck + Curve Games
Half Giant were excited to work with Runner Duck and Curve Games on their latest 'Crew' game, Badlands Crew.

Badlands Crew is a game set in the lawless Badlands in the aftermath of a devastating apocalypse. You build a Battlewagon, crew it with civilians, and take on crazed enemy factions in a battle for survival.

We wanted to introduce the audience to the elements of the game through the eyes of a fresh recruit. Following their journey to become a battle-hardened warrior while also showing off the variety of enemies you will encounter. We built this concept around the core game loop. Leaving town for supplies and returning in need of repairs and new bodies.
The Team
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Bill Northcott, David Smith
Art Direction
Amy Staple
Melanie Shin
Character Design/Layout
Terry Trinh
Amy Staple
Bill Northcott, Eric Terlato, Jed Summers, Linh Duong
Cleanup Animation
Eric Terlato, Jed Summers, Linh Duong
FX Animation
Eric Terlato
Bill Northcott, David Smith
David Smith
Sound Design
Umbrella Sound Studios
More Work